Love/hate relationship

Well, not really a relationship. David Hobby of Strobist featured a series of behind the scenes videos on Dave Hill in a recent blog post. So I watched the videos and was curious as to the result, so I peeked over to Dave Hill's website. I can't stand that over produced, comic book, fake as all getout style! I throw up a little bit when i see stuff like that. I saw him using a Mamiya 7, medium format rangefinder film camera during part of the first video. I was a bit intrigued and wondered if he'd have any film shots in his gallery. As I was dragging the mouse over to close the browser, I noticed a "Personal" section to his site. His personal section is FILLED with some of the most GORGEOUS black and white film work I've seen in a while, including some large format pieces! I've been exploring the black and white medium and large format film niche for a while and this guy has pretty much what I'm striving for. Obviously he's taking these along side his commercial, highly produced and photoshopped work. I think these are much more pleasant though. Different strokes, I guess.

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DC Discombobulated said...

spot on.. thanks for the post!